Why Protekting?

Human life would be impossible without protection. And this protection begins in the world of plants and crops.

The world population is growing each year. It is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050. That’s 50% more people than in the year 2000. At a global level, it is expected that land dedicated to agricultural use will decrease, water scarcity will increase and climate change will negatively affect agricultural production. Only by using phytosanitary products can we protect the health of our crops, improve their performance and protect people from hunger.

In that way, and taking into consideration protecting the environment, we believe in developing phytosanitary products that have less impact on the environment and in using such products properly and responsibly.

We are a young team with a lot of experience in the world of phytosanitaries. We are flexible, innovative, passionate and committed to protecting our customers’ and partners’ interests, helping them grow their businesses.

Protecting crops. Protecting life.

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