Protekting adds polygonum cuspidate to its product range


Protekting is pleased to announce that another natural product, Polygonum [...]

Protekting increases its portfolio with natural insecticide pyrethrins


Protekting has increased its portfolio with natural pyrethrins, an ecological i [...]

Protekting attends AgroChemEx 2014 in Shanghai


Protekting will participate as an exhibiting company at AgroChemEx 2014 in Shanghai, one of the leading events of the phytosanitary sector, where we will present our product portfolio and services.

Protekting presents its Strategy Board


Protekting is pleased to announce the members of the Strategy Board who advise the company on the Strategic Plan for national and international expansion.

Our strategic council is made up of Protekting’s five founding members. Three [...]

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